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The Vietnamization of Afghanistan (or, why we lost the war before it even started)

Around 2009 or-so, the cat was out of the bag that Afghanistan's military and police were hopelessly corrupt and incompetent;………………

In about 6 minutes and 30 seconds, this video condenses everything in the articles linked above into a single peephole into the Afghan quagmire;…

It also didn't help that the US government wasn't exatcly a sterling role model...;……………

Oh, and the drug problem mentioned in 2009? About that...;…

"All of that was years ago, so it MUST have gotten better!", you say? No --- it's gotten far, far worse, and every indication is that the worst is yet to come;…

Does all this sound familiar? It should, because we've done it all before. Back then, it was called "Vietnamization";…

Corruption, incompetence, and all manner of misconduct was rampant in South Vietnam during that war as well, and was slowly destroying that nation from the inside out...;……

...just as it was in the US military, as well;……………

During the Vietnam War, Colonel David H. Hackworth broke ranks and stated in a 1971 news interview that the North Vietnamese flag would fly over Saigon within 4 years. He was dead-on;…

It's long overdue for someone to make the same prognosis for Afghanistan. It's often alluded to by those who know what actually happens over there (and is wise enough to discern what matters in the long term, from what doesn't), but to date I've never seen anyone show enough backbone to say it how it is, and this needs to be done. So, I'll be the first.

By 2020, Afghanistan will once again be;
- Controlled the the Taliban.
- A brutal, mass-murdering dictatorship.
- A "terrorist factory", that funds, trains, and equips terrorists to murder countless thousands all over the world.
- So politically embarrassing taboo for the US government, that we will allow it to grow and fester like an untreated tumor.
- A safe haven for said terrorists, because the US military won't try to oust the Taliban with another invasion, for obvious reasons.

If I'm right, tell everyone you heard it from me first. If I'm wrong...

...well, let's all HOPE I'm wrong.
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Will there be any more worst tanks chapters?
Bit of a question for ya.  What do think we the US government can to correct all this misspending and mismanagement?  Also what do think is a good design for a tank and IFV?
Thank You for the Faves!
I saw a question on your battleship clip in youtube and i also would like to know your opinion on the Su-35.
What should the USAF buy to counter it?
Apparently in the movie "Aliens" the space marines get their equipment designed by the same guys that designed the Growler and the Stryker...

Do still visit this site?
Blacktail,whats your opinion on the F-15 Silent Eagle and the F-16 V ...Sorry for the bad english but remenber im portuguese...: ) Love your videos and keep up the good work...we might not agree on everything but it is real cloose.
It must be an hard work to do all these trailers but they are real good...hoope you keep it up.
BlueOpenSky Mar 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Could you please tell me a tank that satisfies your unforgiving requirements?

You always find a problem when you check out a tank.
Dystatic-Studio Apr 14, 2013   Digital Artist
This means "A great steed that eat no grass".

For steed it means "formidable power in any ways", while grass is mean "logistics". Tank have to be used as an extremely offensive war machine, without consuming huge amount of fuel, sluggish speed, and troublesome weight and size.
BlueOpenSky Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess you mean something like the T-64...?
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