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Warplane Disasters! Ep.4: The F-102 (Part 1/2)
This airplane was to be the be-all end-all fighter aircraft, the world's first supersonic Nuclear Interceptor. The F-102 Delta Dagger had it all ---speed, radar, missiles, and...


Well, actually that's *all* it had, so you can probably see why it ended up in an episode of Warplane Disasters.

However, this is more than just a story about a narrow-minded design suffering from Crippling Overspecialization. The development of the Delta Dagger is also a cautionary tale of why private industry should NOT be given a blank check in developing an aircraft designed around a precise set of government specifications.

Also, besides all of that, the Delta Dagger also ended up with some of the worst weapons ever fitted to a combat aircraft, some of the worst wings ever used on a fighter, one of the worst cockpits ever used on a fighter, and so on.

In fact, there's so much more beyond all that, I had to split this into a 2-part presentation! So keep an eye out for Part 2, because the REALLY crazy stuff doesn't start until then.

As usual, the script for this presentation was edited for spelling and grammar by meaninter03. :-)

I have *many* sources for this presentation, which will be revealed in the description for Part 2.
Warplane Disasters! Episode 3: The Blackburn Botha
While Blackburn is probably best-known today for creating the formidable Buccaneer Striker of the late 1950s, many of the airplanes they built are among the worst ever to blight the skies. This presentation concerns one such aircraft.

The Botha was a late 1930s attempt at building an advanced, high-speed Torpedo Bomber, in direct competition with the much better-known Bristol Beaufort. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but there were serious problems with it's layout, it's aerodynamics, it's controls, it's propulsion, it's overall performance, it's safety record, it's... well, it's EVERYTHING. Unsurprisingly, it was widely-hailed as a deathtrap.

There were enough problems with the Botha as it was just from it's very design, but the planners in charge of it's design, development, and even it's *use* all seemed to make the worst possible decisions for how the project should proceed.

It's all a real head-scratcher as to why this all ended up happening, but this presentation will at least familiarize you with HOW it all went wrong.

These are my sources for this presentation;

"The World's Worst Aircraft", by Jim Winchester (Barnes & Noble, 2005)…………………………
Warplane Disasters! Episode 2: The F6U Pirate
The US Navy's development of their first-ever jet fighters was a long and painful process, marked with many accidents, design errors, and even deaths. From these bitter trials emerged a completely new generation of American Carrier aircraft that ran on jet propulsion, and brought naval airpower into the second half of the 20th century.

The aircraft you will learn about in this presentation was NOT part of that solution. It was a dead-end bridge that cost the US taxpayer dearly in money (and nearly lives as well) without any possibility of payoff.

The F6U Pirate nearly brought-down the Chance-Vought corporation whose F4U Corsair won the air war at sea in the Second World War, because it did everything wrong.

The F6U Pirate's aerodynamics were stubby, and it had too much drag. It was made from crazy, over-elaborate materials that none of it's competitors required. The Navy and Vought were too busy sending it's assembly line on a grand tour of the US, to actually park it in any location long enough to begin mass production. Vought refused to conduct essential testing, and paid the price in frequent re-designs. The number ordered by the Navy was too small for it to use on enough Aircraft Carriers to even justify the program's very existence. The Navy never even needed it, because it had better jet fighters that were ALREADY IN SERVICE. And it's engine was a useless P.O.S. that was not only ridiculously underpowered for it's class and era, but also broke down on a regular basis, and sometimes suddenly exploded.

Yes, the engine sometimes exploded. The Pirate sucked THAT much.

And yet, there's more --- SO much more. Watch and see for yourself.

NOTE: Once again, meaninter03 has come through for me, and edited this presentation's script for spelling and grammar!

Finally, note that this is a lot longer than most of my presentations, at over 110 frames, and over 22 minutes in length. I don't like to make movies this long (any more than you like to sit through them), but there wasn't quite enough space or information to make this a 2-part presentation.

That said, here are my sources...

"The World's Worst Aircraft", by Jim Winchester (Barnes & Noble, 2005)……………………………………
Warplane Disasters! Episode 1: The LWS-6 Zubr
In this new series, you'll see how and why the worst military aircraft in history came to be, what went wrong with them, and what their ultimate results were, as well as what we can learn from their failures. Those of you who are familiar with my Failed Tanks series will recognize the format immediately; this is basically an aviation-oriented spin-off.

The Polish LWS-6 Zubr Bomber is a great place to start, because it was badly-planned, badly-designed, badly-constructed, a disastrously-poor performer, a deathtrap, a production failure, a service failure, a combat failure, short-lived in it's very *existence*, and --- on top of all that --- ugly as sin. These are all the virtues one can hope to attain in a Warplane Disaster!

See for yourself just how awful it was...

These are my sources for this presentation

"The World's Worst Aircraft", by Jim Winchester (Barnes & Noble, 2005)…………………


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Specifically, I just realized that a series I've had in production for a long time has no episodes up on DeviantArt yet. With all the stuff I'm working on all the time, I forget things a lot --- but this was a HUGE blunder!

I'm putting together the slideshow for the first episode as I'm typing this however, so the first episode will go online tonight.  ;-)
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