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Warplane Disasters! Episode 8: The LaGG-3
The LaGG-3 was an attempt to create a Fighter on-the-the-cheap by using a wooden skeleton rather than a metal one, that backfired terrifically.

It's designers severely overestimated the wooden frame's weight-savings, the firepower the guns would have, the stability of the aerodynamics, the power the selected engine would produce, the strength of the landing gear, and the adequacy of the awkward canopy's visibility... to name a few.

The resulting LaGG-3 was put into service with the Soviet Air Force anyway, it's performance requirements waved in order to rush it into service in time for combat in World War 2. Unfortunately, they weren't able to get a waiver for the combat test, which the LaGG-3 failed BRUTALLY.

There's more, but you might as well watch the presentation and see for yourself.  ;-)

As usual, the script for this presentation was edited for spelling & grammar by meaninter03.

These are my sources...

"The World's Worst Aircraft", by Jim Winchester (Barnes & Noble, 2005)……………………………

Warplane Disasters! Ep.7: The Avrocar (Part 2/2)
Part 1 introduced you to the disastrous Avrocar Not-So-Flying Saucer, and Part 2 will show you how the whole project came crashing-down...

...which is sort of an ironic way of describing it, because as I mentioned before, the Avrocar could never get into the air. It did fail though.

Also as mentioned last time, the script was edited for spelling and grammar by meaninter03.

The following are my sources for this episode of Warplane Disasters;

"The World's Worst Aircraft", by Jim Winchester (Barnes & Noble, 2005)………………………
Warplane Disasters! Ep.7: The Avrocar (Part 1/2)
When the US Army came-up with the idea of a "Flying Jeep" (a small VTOL utility aircraft) in the 1950s, all sorts of wacky flying machines were offered. They varied widely in practicality (and silliness), but one clearly stood-out from all the rest; Avro Canada's "Avrocar".

The Avrocar was promised to be all things to all people. It was supposed to fly both horizontally and vertically with the greatest of ease, to cover a very long range, reach a high service ceiling, reach tremendous speeds, carry large loads for it's size and weight, and so on. It was also promised to herald a technological revolution in aviation unseen since the advent of the jet engine.

But more importantly, the Avrocar was a Flying Saucer. No, I didn't make that up. I reiterate; the Avrocar was --- a Flying. Saucer.

Well, that's one thing, but as wacky as the idea was, it was also a 360-degree dead end. This is because the Avrocar couldn't actually fly at all (does that mean it's just a "Saucer"?), despite many dogged attempts. I kind of spoiled the outcome of this episode by telling you that in the introduction, but this story is still an important cautionary tale in aeronautics, engineering, marketing, and project management.

Also, it was a big enough imbroglio that I had to make this episode a 2-parter, so be sure to watch both!

I'll post my sources in the description for Part 2.

Lastly, note that I once again had editing support from meaninter03 on the script for this episode!
Warplane Disasters! Ep.6: The Me 163 Komet, Pt.2/2
This presentation picks up right where Part 1 left-off, and follows the disastrous Me 163 Komet saga to it's bitter conclusion.

Part 2 is a very long presentation, at about 17 minutes in length, but it has possibly the most methodical coverage ever assembled in one place on what made the Komet a calamitous failure.

As promised, here are my sources for Chapter 6...

"The Komet", an episode of the "Wings of the Luftwaffe" TV documentary series.

"The World's Worst Aircraft", by Jim Winchester (Barnes & Noble, 2005)…………………………

Finally, you can also read more about the Komet in "The World's Worst Aircraft", another book of that title by James Gilbert, which was published in 1974. I didn't finally acquire this book until long after the above presentation was completed.
Warplane Disasters! Ep.6: The Me 163 Komet, Pt.1/2
The Me 163 Komet is world-famous for being the first rocket-powered warplane, the first "Flying Wing", and the fastest aircraft in all of World War 2, among many other incredible accomplishments.

Of course, all of that actually counts for nothing, given that they ended up killed more of their own pilots than enemy aircraft. It's something that the Komet's legions of fanboys generally don't like to discuss; the RESULTS.

The Komet featured many other delights, such as a wooden frame (in a ROCKET-PROPELLED airframe) constructed by furniture companies, guns that ran out of bullets in seconds, a flight speed so high that pilots couldn't draw a bead on enemy bombers, the necessity of burning-off all the fuel to attack as a *glider*, no landing gear, an expectation to operate in the stratosphere with no pressurized cockpit, a canopy that bolted the pilot in...

Well, I could go on and on, but I think you have an idea of where this is going. It's another Warplane Disaster, and it such a huge debacle that I had to make this episode a 2-part presentation --- the mere fact that so many people are stupid enough to lionize this lemon demands it! Watch this and see for yourself.

I'll post my sources for this episode in the description of Part 2.

Also, this is one of the presentations that meaninter03 wasn't able to help me with, so there may be spelling and/or grammatical errors.


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Specifically, I just realized that a series I've had in production for a long time has no episodes up on DeviantArt yet. With all the stuff I'm working on all the time, I forget things a lot --- but this was a HUGE blunder!

I'm putting together the slideshow for the first episode as I'm typing this however, so the first episode will go online tonight.  ;-)
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